Charlie is now 2 years old and in human age, that should be 14 years of age. We still treat her like a little baby because she is soooo cute ;-) Charlie is eating alot, especially table scraps (plain cooked rice) given by my wife. We are trying to reduce Charlie's weight now that she is 15 pounds, whereas before, we kept her at 14 pounds. I am also reducing the amount of her daily snack (dry food) to 15 kibbles as opposed to 20 kibbles. We don't want to reduce her intake so drastically and suddenly, but we'll try it discretely.

However, on Saturdays, I do spread a little bit of peanut butter on small pieces of bread as a special treat for her. Charlie also enjoys her hunting game which involves placing tidbits of food around the livng room for her to hunt. We place cranberries, blueberries, bread crumbs and pine seeds here and there and it is such a comic to see her sniff here and there.

Charlie has a selected number of doggie friends. There are three other Cavaliers which she likes, one Sheltie, one Springer Spaniel, one standard Collie, and one Yorkshire Terrier. She is very shy and submissive with Golden Retrievers, but is definetely afraid of English Cocker Spaniels, Bernese Mountain Dogs, German Shephards, Corgis and other species of dogs.

We truly believe that our Charlie was born at the rump of the litter and that is why she is extra sensitive, very timid with other dogs and her surroundings, but she is a very friendly dog. We treat her as if though she is part of our family and we still love her very much.