Charlie takes her bath every Saturday morning, yes, once a week. She loves bathing and would sit in the tub very still while we clean her with lukewarm water from the shower. When bathing Charlie, we would also talk to her and how she loves the attention! Whenever we said "Charlie shake shake", Charlie would shake vigorously to rid herself of excess water. We experimented with various types of doggie shampoo but have yet to discover the best ... Charlie seems to "feel itchier" a few days following her bath. We have tried everything from organic shampoo, oatmeal shampoo to all types of moisturizing shampoo!

To dry Charlie, we put her in her cage which is lined with two towels, and we blow her fur with a hairdryer. Charlie was always cooperative and would roll on the towel to get the excess water off. After a while she would be totally dry with beautiful fluffy fur which also smells terrific! When all that is done, Charlie would drag her towels out of the cage and bring them away to play and chew! She loves to play with towels :-))

Some believe that dogs should not be bathed too often, maybe twice a month or once a month. But Charlie tends to smell a little off approaching one week after her bath. Since our sofa and cushions are her favorite spots for naps, we must make sure that she is kept rather clean. When we are resting, Charlie would always climb right on us and settle down on our chest or lap for a nap!!

Cavaliers are extremely sensitive dogs who are aware of their owner's feelings. They are also very communicative - ours definitely is! In this photo, Charlie is looking at me "hiding" her treats for her treasure hunt! We use a lot of positive reinforcement / praise to teach our doggie patience and obedience. Charlie is absolutely a joy to have.