Charlie communicates in different ways. Usually it's through the use of body language but sometimes through sounds. If she is protesting, she'll give a low growl that sounds like "ooo ... ooo". She usually does that when she refuses to have her paws washed after a walk in the streets or when she refuses to be moved from her resting positions. We'll then replied "ah-ah, ooo ... ooo", meaning, "NO GROWLING!" and she'll obey straight away.

Charlie says "come, follow me" by first scratching us with her front paws and then walking ahead and looking back to make sure that we are following her. She calls me for meals when the table is set. She's a "messenger" and a good one too! We can ask her to call anybody in the house and she'll understand what to do - and to make sure that they follow her. What a clever dog!

Charlie has a very good memory too. I once played a "hunting game" with her where I hid several pieces of fruits all over the place and she was to hunt for them, and she loved it so much! The next day, at the same time, she reminded me to play the same game with her again! Now it's routine, we play this game with her every day. First we'll ask her to go into her cage and wait. She'll run off at once and stay there until commanded to search. It's so fun to see Charlie hunting because she sniffs the air so intensely and even walks on two legs :-)